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Spammed and Gamed

Sifting through an abundance of distorted signals.

I Relicanth stand Region Locks

·1270 words·6 mins
When we travelled to a seaside town on the Dutch coast, and on our way stopped at a rest area in the small corner of Belgium which we had to pass through, I was very happy to catch a Klefki, the key ring Pokémon released in 2020. »

ChatGPT is stuck in Berlin

·610 words·3 mins
As an afterthought to my first try at bicycle routing in Apple Maps1, of course I tried what everyone does nowadays: I asked our new intelligent overlord a trained chatbot for its advice on a nice bicycle-friendly route in my hometown of Cologne, Germany. »

Tsundoku - an unread counter for books

·429 words·3 mins
Some paperbacks from the Discworld series. Probably in the late 90s, when I had catched up with the then current instalment in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series and was compulsively checking into the bookstore patiently waiting for the next release, was the last time my unread books pile had a height of zero. »

Platinum All-Stars

·1414 words·7 mins
Last catch for the Platinum dragon medal. All my type medals are Platinum now. I made good use of the recent event ✨ Twinkling Fantasy ✨, which had increased dragon type spawns (Dratini, Bagon, Deino, as well as the occasional Noibat and Goomy). »

Dot the I’s - Or Rather, Don’t

·741 words·4 mins
fi ligature (left) vs. no ligature (middle and right) Being accustomed to common ligatures in print and ebooks, I cannot unsee this. In particular cases as shown on the right — where the arc of the “f” badly clashes with the dot of the “i” and results in a very unfortunate overlap of the two letters — spring to my eye and make me wonder if there is some kind of dirt or bug on the screen. »

Delicate strokes

·708 words·4 mins
Modern e-reader devices come with several fonts pre-installed, some of them exclusives, e.g. Bookerly or Ember on Amazon kindle devices, Nickel and Kakugo on Kobo, while some are available in the public domain1, such as the Tolino pre-installed fonts Vollkorn or Bitter. »