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Sifting through an abundance of distorted signals.
Despite the popular term Information Age, I believe we are, to be more precise, living in a Data Age, and that includes bad data, useless information, and manipulated information.

There is an ongoing DDOS attack on our attention. We are constantly spammed with an abundance of signals. Many of those signals are distorted, and data points are gamed.

Why #

I am not a writer. I started this as a personal endeavour to cope with my musings. You can also find me on flickr or mastodon.

Blog Tech #

This blog is driven by the static site generator Hugo, rendered with the Congo theme (with some minor customizations applied), and hosted on Azure as a static web app1.

  1. I am not affiliated with Microsoft, I do not receive any commissions, there is a free tier for personal projects, and this is not a purchase recommendation. Additionally, there are many other hosting options, including but not limited to GitHub Pages or netlify↩︎