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Spammed and Gamed

Sifting through an abundance of distorted signals.

Fran and Bob

·326 words·2 mins
Music makes people happier, and it doesn’t harm them. Most things that make you feel better are harmful. — Fran Lebowitz1 I am not sure if Fran Lebowitz is a fan of Bob Marley, or even reggae. »

This Blog is now Fixelized

·318 words·2 mins
I recently learned about a new font called Fixel, which was developed at MacPaw in collaboration with Ukrainian type foundry AlphaBravo. The font is offered under an open license, and since I liked the fresh clean look and good readability combined with some distinctive characteristics1, I decided to fixelize this blog. »

Browsing my Brain

·744 words·4 mins
On Heavy Rotation Today, it happened again that I was picking my brain for the title or artist of a song whose melody popped up in my head. »

I Relicanth stand Region Locks

·1271 words·6 mins
When we travelled to a seaside town on the Dutch coast, and on our way stopped at a rest area in the small corner of Belgium which we had to pass through, I was very happy to catch a Klefki, the key ring Pokémon released in 2020. »

ChatGPT is stuck in Berlin

·612 words·3 mins
As an afterthought to my first try at bicycle routing in Apple Maps1, of course I tried what everyone does nowadays: I asked our new intelligent overlord a trained chatbot for its advice on a nice bicycle-friendly route in my hometown of Cologne, Germany. »