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This Blog is now Fixelized

·318 words·2 mins
I recently learned about a new font called Fixel, which was developed at MacPaw in collaboration with Ukrainian type foundry AlphaBravo. The font is offered under an open license, and since I liked the fresh clean look and good readability combined with some distinctive characteristics1, I decided to fixelize this blog. »

ChatGPT is stuck in Berlin

·610 words·3 mins
As an afterthought to my first try at bicycle routing in Apple Maps1, of course I tried what everyone does nowadays: I asked our new intelligent overlord a trained chatbot for its advice on a nice bicycle-friendly route in my hometown of Cologne, Germany. »


Back to the Future of Web Blog Directories

·802 words·4 mins #Recently™, I came across the relatively new project It immediately reminded me of the golden age of web directories such as Lycos, Yahoo! or DMOZ. As the author writes »