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Cookies #

This blog does not use any cookies.

Data Collection #

This blog uses the Javascript SDK for Azure Application Insights to get basic usage statistics. No personally identifiable data is collected or transmitted by this blog, and no tracking is performed. The data classess collected are

  • ClientContext: OS, locale, language, network, window resolution
  • Inferred: geo location from IP address, timestamp, OS, browser
  • PageViews: URL and page name or screen name
  • ClientPerf: URL/page name, browser load time
  • Ajax: HTTP calls from web page to server
Client IP is used to infer geographic location, but by default IP data is no longer stored and all zeroes are written to the associated field. To understand more about personal data handling, see Managing personal data in Log Analytics and Application Insights. If you need to store IP address data, geolocation and IP address handling will walk you through your options.

Additional information on the data collection of Application Insights can be found at Data collection, retention, and storage in Application Insights.