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Spammed and Gamed

Sifting through an abundance of distorted signals.

Terry Hall - Home

·274 words·2 mins
On Heavy Rotation This album was on heavy rotation in my cd player back when it was released, and it is again now. Of course, I came across Terry Hall via The Specials. »

The Valuation Paradox

·755 words·4 mins
The puzzle in economic theory is why private cryptocurrencies have any value at all. — The seven deadly paradoxes of cryptocurrency, Bank Underground There was this one question I mulled about from when I first became aware of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, and that was how the price for Bitcoin or any other crypto currency was set. »

Positive Vibration on Twitter

·245 words·2 mins
If you are a music enthusiast and need more positive vibes in your Twitter feed, I highly recommend to add Eric Alper 🎧 on Twitter to your Following list. »

Back to the Future of Web Blog Directories

·802 words·4 mins #Recently™, I came across the relatively new project It immediately reminded me of the golden age of web directories such as Lycos, Yahoo! or DMOZ. As the author writes »

Pidgey is Back

·343 words·2 mins
Back in the summer of ‘69 2016, when Pokémon GO launched, Pidgey was sitting at every corner. In flocks. You could not not catch Pidgey. Along with Caterpie, Weedle and Rattata, Pidgey was used as a vehicle for speeding up leveling, due to the low evolution cost of just 12 candies1, and the abundance of spawns. »