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Kein Mucks! in concert

·267 words·2 mins
Ich bin kein großer Podcast-Hörer. Einigen weithin empfohlenen (gehypeden) Podcasts bin ich kürzlich wieder entfolgt, ich habe nicht die Zeit1 um - ansonsten von mir durchaus geschätzten - Unterhaltungskünstlern beim belanglosen Labern zuzuhören, oder dabei, wie sie sich mit ihrem Gegenüber über ihre eigenen Witze amüsieren. »


Fran and Bob

·326 words·2 mins
Music makes people happier, and it doesn’t harm them. Most things that make you feel better are harmful. — Fran Lebowitz1 I am not sure if Fran Lebowitz is a fan of Bob Marley, or even reggae. »

Browsing my Brain

·744 words·4 mins
On Heavy Rotation Today, it happened again that I was picking my brain for the title or artist of a song whose melody popped up in my head. »


Terry Hall - Home

·274 words·2 mins
On Heavy Rotation This album was on heavy rotation in my cd player back when it was released, and it is again now. Of course, I came across Terry Hall via The Specials. »

Positive Vibration on Twitter

·245 words·2 mins
If you are a music enthusiast and need more positive vibes in your Twitter feed, I highly recommend to add Eric Alper 🎧 on Twitter to your Following list. »