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Bricked X-Wing Laser Cannon

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My family gifted me the X-Wing Fighter LEGO set from the MICROFIGHTERS series. It is one of the early sets in this series, dating from 2014, and they bought it used.

At the end of assembling all the parts, I noticed that I could not complete the laser cannons. Each cannon consists of two rod-like structures which are connected by a round plate. Specifically, a round plate with a hole in the middle, like a doughnut.

Round plate parts
The round-1x1-plate-with-a-hole connector piece on one of the laser cannon rods.

Now, when the seller collected all pieces together to prepare the set for shipping, he made a small mistake and mixed up the holed plate with a regular round plate.

Fortunately, Lego offers the Pick a Brick service on their website, where you can order (every?) individual parts.

round plate parts
Round plate with and without hole in the Pick a Brick Lego shop.
The tricky bit was finding the correct part. The original set number did not yield any search results. But finding the same part in a recent set of our son, and searching for the parts of that set turned up the name PL.ROUND 1X1 W. THROUGHG. HOLE and associated part number.

The cannons are now operational.

X-Wing fighter with all four laser cannons inserted at the S-foils in attack position.
Fujifilm X100F - CineStill 800T film simulation – ISO 12800
The photo was taken with a Fujifilm X100F. The jpg is straight out of camera, using the CineStill 800T film simulation recipe from Fuji X Weekly. The recipe is a great option for nighttime photography and artifical lighting, with a white balance setting of 3200K.